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My Online Services


I provide Individual Therapy in Spanish and English. Dr. Burgos specializes in trauma recovery and I use EMDR and DBT skills


This is not your typical co-parenting group. Although it is recommended but not required that you familiarize yourself with traditional co-parenting strategies, this group is for individuals who are co-parenting with a difficult ex who refuse to co-parent. This group will teach you strategies to resolve conflict and focus on the children.


This is a virtual consultation/support group for clinicians and is held every other Thursday from 5:30 pm until 7pm. This is a free group for clinicians that are looking for support and professional growth. You do not require to be license to join this group. However, this group will not substitute for supervision.


Dialectical Behavioral Skill Therapy group

This is a virtual group that teaches DBT skills (Emotional Regulation, Distress Tolerance, Mindfulness, and Interpersonal Effectiveness). This group should not be substituted for individual therapy and it is recommended that you participate in individual therapy as well. 


Seeking Safety Virtual Group

Seeking Safety is a group that was developed specifically for PTSD and substance abuse. Each subject is designed to gain control of extreme symptoms, letting go of a dangerous relationship, and reducing substance use. Seeking safety is designed to teach safe coping skills that apply to both disorders. It is highly recommended that this group is an addition to individual therapy. 

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